Part 1: Mistakes, Feeling Wrong, Overcoming Failure

Feeling hurt and sad when you’ve failed to achieve something, regardless of how big or small it may be, is only natural.  But dwelling on past failures is painful and keeps us from moving forward.

Domestic Abuse: Symptoms and Solutions for Those Suffering

Anybody, irrespective of their educational, financial or social status can fall victim to domestic abuse. Unfortunately, most abuse victims choose to hide or ignore the issues they face despite the fact that we’re now encouraged to be more open about our personal and social lives than ever before - there’s still an element of social stigma associated with domestic abuse.

6 Simple Ways to Deal With Emotional Stress

Studies describe stress as, “any situation which tends to disturb the equilibrium between a living organism and its environment.”

What is Emotional Abuse and How to Survive It (1/2)

What is Emotional Abuse and How to Survive It (1/2)

Just like physical abuse, emotional abuse is extremely harmful to a victim’s life and personality and oftentimes precedes physical abuse. Emotional abuse is primarily a verbal form of abuse and can sometimes even be used by the abuser in conjunction with physical or other forms of abuse.

Why Are States Suing Pharmaceutical Companies?

Since 1998 with the Big Tobacco take down, there has not been as crucial of a lawsuit that have formed than the ones that have been established in the past year against Big Pharma.

Anyone Who Says, “I’m Fine” Might Not Always be Fine

This is something that almost everyone has faced in their personal lives, and might still be wondering what the reason behind it may be.

The Dissonance of Demi

Fame. Wealth. Talent. Beauty. Adoration.

Mental Health Reform Now!

You can’t force people to get help. As much as we would love to think we can, it seems the only time someone is going to get help is when they decide for themselves they are ready.

Opioid Epidemic

Winston Churchill once asserted, “One ought never to turn one’s back on a threatened danger and try to run away from it. If you do that, you will double the danger.

How Can I Be of Service When I Have Nothing to Give?

How Can I Be of Service When I Have Nothing to Give?

Most people who enter recovery from a mental illness feel dread, chaos and as though they are shattered into pieces. The last thing on their mind is that they need to help someone else in order to gain their own repair and wellness. Simply put, service entails assisting others in a collective setting.

Missouri Wants to Pass a Bill That Would Criminalize Pregnant Women That Take Drugs

Along with the opioid crisis for which the United States was put on a Public Health Emergency for, the number of babies that are born addicted to opiates has also risen.

Will I Have a Purpose When I Get Sober?

You may hear frequently about the search for purpose in someone’s life. There are those types of people that just seem to know right away what they are meant to do and then there are others that struggle to fathom what their destiny is at all.

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