Family Care, Communication and Cohesion


We know the heartbreak and despair of watching helplessly while someone you love struggles with autism, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and other conditions beyond their control. Our specialty services are one intervention (supportive detour away from the symptoms in a condition) and the family is another intervention. And not in the traditional sense. If an individual quits going to school or work, isolates from friends and family, engages in damaging and dangerous behavior, stops doing the things they enjoy, and falls short of their potential, we can interrupt that process. Life can leave us behind if we have to face pain alone. Our intervention is rarely a gathering giving the person options to get help. We are non traditional practitioners in this way. Our interventions are tools (an interruption to an old process) that develop skills sets so the individual can enjoy self-efficacy (the ability to face life’s unexpected events). Interventions are part therapeutic (action), part support system (people). There is no other way to heal from these conditions. We do not fly away to an island to live life on life’s terms. The Pacific Solstice team will bring together the skills (A) and the family (B) to help each patient thrive regardless of their chronic or intrusive illness. Instead of the island or spa, we create ways to rally around both interventions (skills and family) to practice life in a real way. Imagination and memory are important in the healing process. But, what is most important is learning. We change and grow when we are honest, open-minded and willing to live in the present. It will feel risky and unfamiliar to let go of living in the past or the future. But, the risks churn out more value than the costs. That is if, IF, you accept our support, ideas and presence next to you in the journey that makes everything worth fighting for.