Process Addiction and Substance Addiction Treatment


Changes in the Brain's Structure

Isolation, anger, sadness, helplessness, overconfidence, despair, control, loss of control, chronic medical illness, danger, grief, loss ... just a few of the things a person in addiction experiences. According the the American Psychiatric Association, the brain structure and function changes in addiction. Begin to think about a ritual, no matter what it is, or something you ingest and metabolize. Insight, impulse control and judgment change as we rely addictively on a process or substance.

Substances and processes are equal opportunity burdens because our brain is made up of pathways defined by behaviors and thoughts. Whatever we do and whatever we think about are direct power lines into how we feel and what we want to do or think next. As connected beings, we need a treatment plan and a co-pilot (counselor, coach, therapist, advocate, specialist clinician) who can see the integrated wiring of our brain and body. Connections on the inside have a lot to do with the connections we manifest on the outside. From deciding this sunrise is majestic and life-giving then sharing it the next week with a loved one, to the blood carrying oxygen to our brain and feet, keeping us alive and full of potential.

I Feel Alone and I Want Freedom

A person could imagine what travels with addiction, but it may not change the number of people facing it. No one imagines living a life dependent on a process, drug or drink. At Solstice Pacific, we provide flexible outpatient relief to men and women trapped in addiction. Our success and your relief emerge from our foundation understanding a chronic brain disorder and its impact on the family system. Most of our patients have not had success with other providers or facilities. All of our patients are learning more about their screen centric stimuli, their mood and breath as it relates to screen stress. Most of our patients want to break a generational cycle of obsession, compulsion, self-medicating and / or a life half lived, one rote with distraction and self-doubt. Addiction bears a burden bigger than words can describe. Regardless of how it started and what the ritual has become, it's time for freedom. 

We are told that patients feel seen, comforted and supported immediately when they arrive to address their process or substance dependence. Patients feel lighter under our care because, listening, mercy, integrative medicine, food, education and celebration are part of every week. Traditional practitioners might tell you that your condition will be resolved in 30 days. Our message is different. We want you to know that your condition is not who you are, but it has probably clouded your gut instincts and drained your energy. Porography addiction, screen addiction, eating disorder, alcoholism, drug addiction, shopping or gambling addiction. The words matter less than what action you take now. Remember, our brain is made up of pathways defined by behaviors and thoughts. Whatever we do and whatever we think about are direct power lines into how we feel and what we want to do or think next. If you start healing today, it might get worse before it gets better because our brains and bodies like the predictable, even if it's hurting us, killing us or endangering others. Solstice Pacific is a cocoon releasing butterflies. The number of days growing is not the question, the connections you make neurobiologically, socially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually is our message. Your wings will look different than the others. Embrace it. Whether your first 365 days feels exhilarating and maddening, or peaceful and adventuresome, your body and your neural pathways deserve tender care. Our clinic gathered the best interdisciplinary practitioners to meet you, the only you we will ever know. As you unfold, be gentle with yourself. There is no perfect path for healing. The practice of medicine is like the practice of healing. Every day is different, every person is different, yet we have undeniable connection to hope when we travel together.