Process Addiction and Substance Addiction Treatment


If a person could imagine the grief, loss and loneliness that travels with addiction, it still would not change the number of people facing it. No one imagines living a life dependent on a process, drug or drink. At Pacific Solstice, we provide flexible outpatient relief to men and women trapped in addiction. Our success and your relief emerge from our foundation in understanding a chronic brain disorder and its impact on the family system. Most of our patients have not had success with other providers or facilities. We are told that patients feel seen, comforted and supported immediately. There is no special formula. It’s a team of people who know that relapse prevention skills develop best under the light of mercy, integrative medicine and education. Traditional practitioners might tell you that your condition will be resolved in 30 days. Our message is different. We want you to know that your condition is not who you are, but it has probably clouded your gut instincts and drained your energy. Pacific Solstice is a cocoon releasing butterflies. Your wings will look different than the others. Embrace it. Whether your first 365 days feels exhilarating and maddening, or peaceful and adventuresome, your body and your neural pathways deserve tender care. Our clinic gathered the best interdisciplinary practitioners to meet you, the only you we will ever know. As you unfold, be gentle with yourself. There is no perfect path for healing. The practice of medicine is like the practice of healing. Every day is different, every person is different, yet we have undeniable connection to hope when we travel together.