Getting Results


What is expected of me if I receive MeRT℠?

First, keep showing up, even when it’s hard or tiring. Staying consistent will truly pay off!
Second, we require a sober lifestyle to receive this treatment, as alcohol, substances (including marijuana/THC) will only interfere with your results. We can even see the effects of these substances in your EEG!

Third, we recommend participating in therapy and/or medication management to optimize your results. While MeRT℠ is very helpful with improving your mood and cognition, it has limited impact on your mindset and behavior. Those are up to you! And can be addressed in your individual work with your provider.

How can I guarantee the best or fastest results?

Results may vary with MeRT℠ depending on your condition severity, compliance, and lifestyle factors. However, we recommend a few things to optimize your results while receiving treatment.
First, have a healthy and consistent sleep routine. Try to be asleep no later than 10PM to allow your brain time to rest and recover. This is important for emotional rest, in addition to the physical rest needed from the “training” it receives during the stimulation. It is much like a workout for your brain!

Second, get at least 30 minutes of morning sunlight between the hours of 7-11AM. The sunlight provides special stimulation to support both the new waves and hormones in your brain.

Third, limit screen time. Screens provide a lot of stimulation for your brain which can distract your waves from healing.

We have more recommendations and education tips, contact us to set up your appointment and find out more!

Example Baseline Results
An ideal picture of our brain waves show clean, aligned, and pointed peaks at approximately 10-11 Hertz frequency. These waves are the alpha waves. We like to see minimal wave activity in the 0-7 hertz range, and in the 12-24 hertz range.



result EEG

Now let’s look at some abnormal baseline EEGs that we’ve seen at our own clinic:

Bipolar 2 disorder, Opiate Abuse

result page image 1




result page image 2



Bipolar 1 Disorder, PTSD

Bipolar 1 Disorder



Alcohol abuse, PTSD, Depression and Anxiety

Alcohol abuse PTSD



Postpartum Depression and Anxiety, PTSD

Postpartum Depression



Progress EEG Results

Now let’s look at some progress reports of EEGs from various patients who have received care at our clinic.


Chronic Depression with suicidal ideation

Chronic Depression with suicidal


Depression, PTSD, ADHD

Depression PTSD ADHD



Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety Depression







Bipolar 1 Disorder, PTSD

Bipolar 1 Disorder PTSD full



PTSD, Depression with suicidal ideation, Fibromyalgia

PTSD Depression with suicidal ideation Fibromyalgia



Bipolar Disorder, ADHD

Bipolar Disorder ADHD



As you can see with these examples, your baseline EEG and progress will vary based on your own unique condition and wellness journey. Some patients have subtle EEG changes but have drastic symptom improvement. Regardless of the results, the goal isn't perfection, but progress. We want the brain to learn resilience. Our lives will never be perfect; we can expect lots of mess. But if our brains are resilient, we will be able to regulate our response to the mess much more easily. That's where MeRT can help - to help bring your mind more clarity, calm, and help you self-regulate when hardship comes your way. You don't have to fight alone, let us assist you in your journey.