Closer Look at Mental Health for IT Professionals

Closer Look at Mental Health for IT Professionals

Noticing the redundancies at home or work? The interruptions. A phone that lights up with demands not fun and amusement. Feel like your taking shallower and shallower breaths? Feel like urgency is the normal, not the exception? When you look at a list that is too long do you feel angry and alone? IT Professionals have made the biggest leaps of all since March 2020 when COVID started to change the landscape of home and work. Quick on their feet to adapt, listen for the problem, test solutions. In the change, what was lost? Was this grieved or even acknowledged? While we all learned to isolate, we are reuniting. Or, are we? Many will work from home and have less human contact. How is the new bandwidth expectations explained to the IT Team? As admin stress is mounting right alongside the nurses and first responders the IT Admin supports, lets breathe out some old thinking and rehearse a new philosophy together.

In modern business, hero status often comes from being so busy that you feel overwhelmed. That has left many in the IT community exhausted, burnt out, or depressed. COVID and the sudden move to remote work only aggravated this situation, making it harder to find personal time, and to form the connections needed to support mental well-being. There has to be a better way. A future state where this conversation is normalized - and rather than idolizing the hero who has worked himself out of well being, we idolize the hero who has honored his mental well being along with his work responsibilities.

Solstice Pacific joins forces with the tech community to accept the new normal, make micro shifts in daily self-care habits and life up the concept of team.

Join this much-needed discussion with mental health expert Britten Devereux and a panel of tech startup veterans, covering their all-too-common struggles with work-life balance — and concrete tools and strategies for building a roadmap to mental health.

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