Screening and Assessment

Depending on you and your family's goals, we will provide clinical screening to ensure we do our part in listening and understanding. You have ample choices, the services you want might need to be spread out over a few months. But, assessment helps us give you an idea of what's initially medically indicated. Screening and assessment is ongoing. We use data to help decide what step to take next. This is discussed as an interdisciplinary treatment team and with you - the decision maker.


Click here to pay your deductible, labs or other out of pocket costs. Your Intake Coordinator will thoroughly explain what treatment costs you will encounter and how you can plan for them in advance. We do not want you to have any surprises so we educate and prepare you for each service. Your healthcare depends on you feeling a sense of direction and support. Any of your pharmacy needs will be billed separately by the pharmacy and you will consent to charges prior to incurring costs. Solstice Pacific is known for our informed consent, expert team and creative planning.

Warm Welcome

Intake and Registration might be the most important part of all 4. When you arrive, our team will be ready with tea, coffee and something to eat. You and your family have been through a lot. It's not time for you to do more, it's time for us to step in and take some of the weight off. Your arrival consists of a few important introductions, a tour, then we dive right into clinical and medical care. This can take 2-3 hours.

After a lifetime of feeling like your needs are in separate compartments, it can feel funny to accept this kind of warmth and consideration. Please allow us to take enough time with you when you arrive so you can begin to get a sense of how we see you. A whole person with a whole lot of living to do. Healing starts at Solstice Pacific. 


At Intake or in your first therapy + case management session, we will help you and your loved one mark important dates on your calendar. Planning is not everything when it comes to recovery, but it is important to know about ways you can track your progress, include others and celebrate milestones. Discharging from our program comes with an aftercare plan. You may wish to continue seeing one of our providers, you may decide to relocate. We know you are going places and we take our job as co-pilot very seriously.