Individual Counseling or Therapy


Parents and family members often feel guilt, shame, and fear when a loved one seems to be losing the battle with autism or mental health disorders. We are here to tell you that it’s not your fault. And there is hope — for you, for your family. That hope starts here, with Solstice Pacific’s treatment integrative, interdisciplinary treatment team.

Loved ones often do not have the tools or experiences to provide healthy support. And practicing new habits takes time, support and a safe place to communicate when something feels off, uncertain or lacking. That is where Solstice Pacific family and couples therapy program comes in. While individuals receive integrative treatment, our therapists, medical professionals and group facilitators simultaneously work with family members, partners, and spouses to build stronger, healthier relationships.

Family and couples therapy is available at our Orange County treatment center for the support system impacted by a loved one’s grief, loss, diagnoses or behavior. Family dynamics play a role in making things stick or in undoing the work you so courageously engage. As part of our trauma informed treatment approach, we offer counseling, support, and therapy for families to address dysfunction and build healthier relationships. The results are in your consistency. After working with us in Day Treatment (PHP) or Intensive Outpatient Treatment, if you feel like we are a good fit for your psychotherapy needs, we are interested to keep going. Healing might happen in pockets of time, but each new channel is prepared by the work, the inside work. It can be deceiving, seeing the results on the outside when it comes to sports or career. In therapy, the results must linger on the inside to manifest the things we want to create on the outside. The deeper you go, the more commitment this part of your healing requires. At Solstice Pacific, we will help you identify one or two goals so you can decide how things are going. Our job is to hold space for your emotions. And the real combination of emotions are messy. No one comes here to boot camp for “perfect.” We surrender that illusions at ground zero of healing. Then, we let our body inform this whole person pursuit of connection and growth.