Clinical Distinction


Positive Therapeutic Relationship

The most basic and fundamental ingredient in lasting therapeutic treatment is relationship. By providing a safe space where you are heard, respected and empowered, your body and brain process stress differently. Building a positive therapeutic relationship will drive your success. Connecting to yourself while learning to connect with others changes everything from metabolism to mood. The positive therapeutic relationship you will create with Solstice Pacific is a result of our decades of experience with evidence-based interventions and clinical modalities.


Family Support

The second most important aspect of your treatment success is family. Feeling alone is counterproductive to healing and lasting change. Family is our core value for the sole reason that when you have support recovery catapults. Our extended family of professionals and peers add experience, mercy and diverse perspective to your support system. Mental illness or developmental disorders improve when biological family and non-biological family unite around your needs and goals. We can go far together! Not to worry if your family is not involved or ready to take the journey with you because you get to choose a new family with us, your peers, and your community. Our extended network of professionals, peers, and community supports and resources will partner with you to ensure your success.

Specialized Care for IT Professionals

Since COVID-19 changed work, academia and fun, adapting has required new attitudes, aptitudes, environments and a lot more support from IT. Operational matters like a late client or change of seating occur in the marketplace all the time and are expected, tolerated. But, the virtual meeting, printer or bad link require the support of an IT Professional and everyone feels the friction when there is a technology delay. As the demands rise, screen stress increases and appreciation dries up, burnout and compassion fatigue can create trauma for those we look to in IT. In fact, both will also bring up old trauma. The body keeps the score on trauma, needs and burnout, even if we warrior past the pain.

  • Burnout indicators can be:
  • Numbness
  • Tearful
  • More easily agitated
  • Change in appetite
  • Change in sleep
  • Attention span decreased, harder to focus
  • Crave sugar or alcohol 
  • It’s harder to experience pleasure, fun or life in general

IT Mental Health Roadmap (PDF)
IT Mental Health Video

Our mental healthcare services for IT Professionals helps individuals and their families regulate and communicate in the face of disconnection. Instead of excusing the dramatic change in the social contract we help IT Professionals cope and reunite so the screen stress is treated through whole person care. Strong feelings of discontent, loneliness and isolation can be paralyzing when faced alone. Desensitized individuals have a hard time talking about feels and an even harder time practicing coping skills. While we all love the conveniences of post industrial age life and we are thankful for technology conveniences, divided families and apathy need extra attention for those in IT.

If you are an IT Professional and you feel like you're taking shallow breaths. If urgency is the normal, not the exception. If the list is too long and you feel angry and alone. Call us about outpatient treatment options. IT Professionals have made the biggest leaps of all since March 2020 when COVID started to change the landscape of home, school and work. Quick on their feet to adapt, listen for the problem, test solutions. IT professionals helped us move forward. Now we are helping everyone in IT take stock, reset and reunite while processing grief, loss and anxiety.

Coordinated Care

The last but equally important ingredient in your successful outcome is integrative and multidisciplinary teamwork. The admissions team, clinical team, medical team, and community support will work together as we partner from the first inquiry and until you graduate our program. To experience individualized attention and a safe place to practice new skills will slowly change everything. It's not how fast we go, but who we go with. It's not how far we go, but being present for the emotions that come with really living. We will help you learn about your diagnosis, triggers, and learn positive and healthy coping skills. We will support you to restore your relationships and reconnect with loved ones. We will provide case management to become independent, employable, and resourceful. Our partnership will build hope and success in your life and we are excited and ready to take that journey with you and we hope you are ready too!

Our commitment to mental health support is demonstrated by our facilities being accessible in multiple locations—

  • Mission Viejo, California
  • San Clemente, California
  • Fresno, California
  • Irving, Texas