Self Care - I Dare You!

Self Care - I Dare You!

The next 11 days are when self-care really matters. Old tradition, new tradition, familiar faces, strangers, smells and sounds that elicit memories, uncomfortable situations, seeing the bank account and even yes, feeling loved, each are feedback, a message for you: "Self-Care STAT!"

Closer Look at Mental Health for IT Professionals

Closer Look at Mental Health for IT Professionals

We spend a lot of time talking about roadmaps: implementation roadmaps, product roadmaps, and more. But what about perhaps our most important roadmap — the mental health roadmap?



Pacific Solstice offers effective alternative treatments for those suffering with debilitating mental illness. One of the main methodologies that we prefer for our patients is MeRT℠, which stands for Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy. MeRT℠ is transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) guided by EEG.

In-network Cigna Depression Treatment Center

Depression is more commonly reported in primary care. In part, practitioners more routinely ask about mood and suicidality.

Why Yoga?

By: Destinee Gannuscio

Odds are that at some point or another, you’ve seen a yoga class offered to the community. Maybe you’ve seen them pop up in your gym, the community center, or a post on social media.

9 Ways to Overcome Failures in Your Life

Nobody is perfect. We’ve all failed at something at some point in our lives and failure is simply a part of life.

Domestic Abuse: Symptoms and Solutions for Those Suffering

Anybody, irrespective of their educational, financial or social status can fall victim to domestic abuse. Unfortunately, most abuse victims choose to hide or ignore the issues they face despite the fact that we’re now encouraged to be more open about our personal and social lives than ever before - there’s still an element of social stigma associated with domestic abuse.

6 Simple Ways to Deal With Emotional Stress

Studies describe stress as, “any situation which tends to disturb the equilibrium between a living organism and its environment.”

What is Emotional Abuse and How to Survive It

Emotional abuse is one of the outcomes of an unhealthy relationship, in which the abuser mistreats the victim so gravely that it results in psychological trauma.

Why Are States Suing Pharmaceutical Companies?

Since 1998 with the Big Tobacco take down, there has not been as crucial of a lawsuit that have formed than the ones that have been established in the past year against Big Pharma.

Depression is Not a Choice, but a Curable Mental Disorder

How would it sound if someone said they woke up one morning and decided not to be sick?! We’ve all heard people say that they won’t ever be sad, but have you ever wondered whether they actually manage this?

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