Solstice Pacific offers effective alternative treatments for those suffering with debilitating mental illness. One of the main methodologies that we prefer for our patients is MeRT℠, which stands for Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy. MeRT℠ is transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) guided by EEG. We offer the most sophisticated approach available in California. MeRT is current FDA-approved brain technology for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and OCD, but is also used off-label for other mood disorders. MeRT℠ is well researched and well-respected by the medical community. Solstice Pacific performs data-gathering progress measures through objective assessments to determine mood regulation and neuro modulation needs over time. We use the well respected PHQ-9 and GAD 7. PHQ-9 assesses depression severity, while GAD 7 assesses anxiety severity.

As a general observation, our Psychiatry Practice has seen approximately 50% reduction in severity in mood symptoms. The assessment scoring demonstrates how effective TMS (MeRT) is oversingular interventions like pharmacologic or basic CBT & DBT. These results are achieved approximately by 6-8 weeks of treatment. For example, if a patient begins treatment with a PHQ-9 score of 20, we can anticipate the measured score to be ~10 by week 6-8 of treatment.

Practically speaking, patients will typically report overall improvement in sadness, hopelessness, mental clarity, memory, ability to focus, and ability to utilize coping skills. Additionally, we see marked improvement in suicidal ideation and anxiety within the first 7-10 days of treatment.

Why do we see such improvements?

MeRT℠ helps to restore the underlying brain wave patterns that drive thoughts, behaviors, energy, sleep, and cognition. When someone’s brain has been exposed to drugs, emotional or physical trauma, or when one’s lifestyle does not well support the mind, we see dramatic shifts in the brain waves. In other words, we see a shift in how the brain tries to protect its energy. The brain regulates energy, thus hormones, through wave-like activity. When the brain is not well rested or cared for (any 21st Century lifestyle qualifies), it preserves its energy by sustaining very slow-wave, sleep-like activity throughout the day. This correlates with symptoms such as feeling on-edge, fatigued, reactive to stressors, irritable, sad, unmotivated, poor concentration, etc. MeRT℠ re-trains the brain to restore awake, relaxed brain waves to help the mind feel more calm, collected, focused, resilient to stressors, and have better energy regulation. It does not change personality, rather helps to bring out your best self, the part that many feel that they have lost in their mood disorder. It is recommended to be pursued with psychotherapy and/or medication management to bring holistic and effective relief.

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