Chronic Pain Treatment


Unlike most providers treating pain, we bring together information that helps us really get to know you. The symptoms only change when empathy takes over. Our brain receives and processes information every second and so does our body. While it’s important to get you relief as fast as possible, we are not looking at results that are gone tomorrow. Working closely with our trauma team and the physician, you will start to process stimuli in a new way. We attribute our success in chronic pain to a fabric clad in empathy and the long term results. Utilizing MeRT℠, you will find that there is no team quite like the medical experts at Solstice Pacific. Give your healing time, give yourself the care you need. We believe the heart of healthcare is pain relief. Our fabric brings varied, but pertinent parts of the whole you together into one. From this center, you can begin to trust healthcare providers again. And we trust you will pay the relief forward, as you receive a new lease on life. The world gets a little bit more connected every time a chronic illness is successfully treated. Not only do you experience freedom and deeper relationships, but the watching world gathers hope from your bravery to heal. Solstice Pacific is the preferred provider for trauma informed pain relief. If you feel like opioids have taken something from your memory, balance, mood and overall quality of life, you’re probably right. An integrative treatment plan treats dependence, while balancing your central nervous system to respond to stress, reduce pain without the cost opioids can incur over years of dependence.