Geriatric Mental Health and Day Treatment


Psychiatric care is sometimes an afterthought when a loved one ages and their cognition and mood change. Solstice brings a creative and customized approach to geriatric psychiatry. We offer patients a change of scenery during the day, while treating their dignity and the family system.

Behavioral and psychological treatment of dementia include non-pharmacological care like groups, art, music, nutrition and family counseling, as well as trauma informed psychotherapy. By applying functional medicine, individuals feel relief by sleeping better or looking forward to their hours with us each day.

As each patient’s story unfolds, we are here to share it with you, keeping you a part of their treatment. Although pharmaceuticals can help with depression and anxiety, the Solstice team makes the biggest difference in creating an environment for listening, which translates to patients trusting us with their time, emotions and small victories.

Practicing breath work for the first time or sitting under the sun with our service dog Winter, or gathering with the rest of us in the afternoon for a nutritious Vitamix smoothie, the days bring variation, structure and dignity to the person feeling doubt and scarcity.

Geriatric psychiatry is less about age and illness, more about lifting up the countenance of those who create legacy and life. Depression can be paralyzing, but there is hope. Having a place to go, being seen, and solace are the beginning of mental health care. Then we involve the family to ensure lasting support. Being a part of our program will give everyone rest and tools for wellness.

What Does Geriatric Day Treatment Include?

  • Case Management
  • Counseling
  • Group Therapy
  • Group Education
  • Psychiatry
  • Nutritional Care
  • Pain Screening, Assessment and Care Plan
  • Social Activities
  • Lunch on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Music Therapy
  • Art Activities