Partial Hospitalization Day Treatment (PHP)


Living with a mental health disorder can be debilitating. If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, panic disorder, bipolar disorder, ADHD, post-traumatic stress disorders, OCD, or any other mental illness, you may be feeling lost. When we think of your journey, we know you are the pilot. We are a great co-pilot. We will help you treat yourself as a whole, integrated person, not a combination of symptoms, labels or diagnoses. Our Partial Hospitalization Day Treatment program enlivens the thinking, believing, communicating patterns that let the light in for healing. There is no use in you self-medicating with any pattern or in us piloting your healthcare journey. You were made for autonomy, self-determination and independence. Freedom is closer than you think. We will hold you up when it is hard and breathe fresh air onto what seems like impossible patterns and pain. In just 5 hours a day, you will, one millimeter at a time, treat your thought disorder, depressive disorder, anxiety disorder and much more. Our trauma informed team helps you take the steps you are ready for while building up your skills to scale your healing journey without leaving parts of yourself behind.

Pacific Solstice, the leading outpatient mental health treatment center in Orange County offers personalized treatment to build you up as the pilot who can face any cloud, turbulence or storm.

Our licensed mental health professionals bring decades of experience, treating mental health disorders. We help our patients understand the underlying causes of their mental health issues, whether they stem from childhood abuse, family dysfunction, environmental factors, biology, or psychological conditions. We also focus on managing the stressors that impact wellbeing, including career, finances, relationships, physical health, life events, trauma, grief, and more.