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Teams change the world because each team is a unique combination of puzzle pieces bringing together shapes like: needs, circumstances, gifts and usually, preparation. The Solstice Pacific Team thrives when individuals thrive. In other words, success and vision are more powerful together. We believe there is enough success and good stuff to go around. If you are looking for a team who will challenge, encourage and empower you, lets talk more.

Electronic communication limits us since we are made as relational and critical thinking beings. In healthcare, precision matters. We are fortunate because we get to work closely together in our clinic. That is the nature of our vision, our services, but especially our leadership team's example. Solstice Pacific is a place where professionals get to see the fruits of unity, hospitality and science. We've found that camaraderie can really shine through in human services, it's just the nature of the work, humans serving humans. But at Solstice Pacific there is a flare of authenticity matched with trailblazing curiosity and joy because redefining mental healthcare means we are navigating new experiences and a new landscape. Success is felt even in how we learn from yesterday. It's our strong suit: huddling up and problem solving. We are building a team who sees the landscape of psychiatry and neuroscience moving from a wasteland to a capital city, from scarcity to enough, from skepticism to vision. If you have the courage to imagine a landscape where coordination of care, integrity, respect and dignity rule the day, then lets shift the customer service paradigm together. Lets imagine the results without further delay!

Email us at [email protected] with your resume. In the mean time, keep it up! You clearly have good taste and we appreciate the compliment of your interest in joining our team. We pride ourselves in attracting a workforce that keeps patients at the center of the day. Keep going! You are appreciated and making a difference.