As you take the time you need, you will learn about the neurobiology of stress and notice yourself making decisions from a different framework. These forerunners in healthcare have taught us to generate health by practicing it first. Even more, they explain the path to using a disorder or disease as the door to self-compassion. Trauma and stress are inextricably linked. Not everyone will make it to Pacific Solstice. It's brave, bold work to learn about yourself and others. For those who join us in the clinic, they find community in group, at lunch and over the many experiences and emotions that wash over us on a daily basis. Emotions and pause are not the enemy here, but hiding and minimizing are crossroads you will find yourself at less. If emotions are feedback and our story matters, then psychiatric medicine can unlock some of the greatest truths about personal wellness. Come find out how integrative, functional medicine steeped in history will repair your stress response, relationships and energy.

After years in hospitals and clinics, we've decided to create a safe space. Resilience and imagination spark at Pacific Solstice. We are centered, not just in the roots of these six clinicians who shape our approach to psychiatry, but in our own roots. It would not be possible to provide you with the quality of care you find here without our own commitment to self-care. Led by a team of clinicians, the Pacific Solstice integrative approach makes all the difference. Safety ensues when patients feel heard. Healing soaks in deeper when patients identify their vulnerability as respected rather than an inconvenience. Psychiatric care by modeling creates safety, then comfort.

The Pacific Solstice approach to your health is shaped by these forerunners in compassionate, informative patient care.

  • Hildegard Peplau
  • Dr. Carl Rogers
  • Dr. Viktor Frankl
  • Dr. Joseph Wolpe
  • Dr. Vincent Felliti
  • Dr. Sandra Bloom