Treatment Resistant Depression


Many battling depression have tried dozens of treatments, including emergency hospitalization for suicidal ideation, pharmaceuticals, diets, hypnosis and ECT. We often meet with patients who feel lost in a system of noise, expense and commotion but no results. Fortunately, our research and collaboration with cutting edge psychiatrists led us to Esketamine. Paired with holistic protocols, Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy, group work, individual therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, the darkness of Treatment Resistant Depression comes to an end. You are the pilot in your healthcare plan, as your co-pilot we are listening.

The first step to relief is imagining it’s possible, even if for a moment. The next step, call us at (949) 200-7929.  Mental healthcare is not what it once was, poorly informed and stigmatized. Our upscale clinic offers you warmth and options the moment you arrive.