Pacific Solstice emerged from the vision of four clinicians. Dr. Evan Fewsmith sparked it all. After five years under Dr. Fewsmith's leadership, Pacific Solstice LLC was sold to its current owners, Narges Maududi, Britten Devereux and Brianna Riddlebarger. Although Dr. Fewsmith is no longer a part of daily operations, his passion for restoring health to patients of all ages illuminates the new ownership's core value: family. Dr. Fewsmith continues his clinical work with veterans and his private practice patients.

Pacific Solstice Integrative Psychiatric Clinic is led by three women who believe in treating neurological and mental health disorders without stigma, delay or gimmicks to make patients become dependent on someone else. Pain is pain. Mental, emotional or physical pain does not discriminate. Pacific Solstice ensures that care is provided to the right brain, the left brain and the gut in every part and aspect of care in the clinic. As such, patients learn about interdependence, which creates intrapersonal healing and interpersonal trust. Suffering and pain continue when we prejudge the process, give up before the relief eases the aches, or if we do not find a provider who sees us as a whole person. Our vision for family is simple. We will model healthy relationships, you will find physical and mental relief, and your family will get stronger because of the time you invest in this journey.

While our conscious instincts might get temporarily overridden by environmental stimuli, it is harder to hear our gut, less likely to follow it's gentle prompt. We become disconnected and chaos ensues. Similarly, the actual lining of our gut may become less habitable to critical neurotransmitters that regulate the mood. The enteric nervous system suffers and results in emotional distress. It's simple integrative care, like neurogastroenterology, that the Pacific Solstice founding clinicians believe to be indispensable to a vital life. While Narges, Britten and Brianna learn from what is generally left aside in U.S. healthcare practices, they promise to give you simple, practical tools. Good medicine came at a price for each of these founders, therefore, they have combined their wisdom and clinical practices to bring Californians effective services steeped in science and hospitality. From building immunity to emotional intelligence, the clinical leadership at Pacific Solstice never stops learning the best ways to bring your family together.