Trauma, Stress Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


The psychological and emotional wounds of childhood abuse and trauma last well into adulthood. Many survivors live with these scars for years. We are here to help the healing begin.

Pacific Solstice is a leading trauma practitioner in Orange County with specialized expertise in treating adult survivors of childhood physical, sexual, verbal, emotional and environmental abuse. Our licensed therapists have decades of experience in working with trauma survivors to address the lingering emotional pain and psychological distress through building therapeutic relationships, providing positive expectancy, and teaching self-regulation/relaxation. Everyone has a choice in how they perceive or label their pain. At Pacific Solstice, instead of labels and categories, we prioritize your ease. The ease you feel in group, when you are at home, in medical follow up appointments and in the relationships you want to restore. Ease can be replaced by more anxiety when the practitioner makes assumptions, projects their beliefs on you or rushes your healing. At Pactific Solstice, we believe that when patients have relaxed bodies they have better therapeutic outcomes. Take a deep breath. We are with you for the journey. In your first appointment, we will lay out lots of options. No one can pilot your healing like you, the one most educated on your needs. While you find the language and destination that best suits you, we will co-pilot, helping you reduce risk and increase quality of life. Trauma is not a death sentence. But it can seem like it. Our patients explain that with time, familiar defeat is replaced with a broad and spacious cocoon for learning and trying. Not everyone is willing to do this work. And that’s ok. Your timing can only be determined by you.

Through a personalized therapy program incorporating leading-edge, evidence-based treatments, we help trauma survivors repair the damage, reframe negative emotions, form healthy relationships, find their strength and resilience, and achieve happiness.