A Vision for Recovery

People that struggle with addiction are usually thought of as derelicts and low-class people due to the stereotype that addiction has taken on. The reality of addiction is that it does not discriminate and can affect anyone, anywhere, at any time. There is good news for addiction – recovery is right around the corner for anyone who wants it.

Many people that have drug and alcohol addictions may look at recovery as a difficult choice to turn to. They think that recovery is “just for quitters” and the things that must be accomplished in recovery is just a bunch of hooey. To look at addiction versus recovery logically, recovery is the easier, softer lifestyle. There is work to be done in recovery, but it will open your eyes to influence your life in a more reasonable way.

You will find others

Recovery enlists people that have problems with drugs and alcohol to become a part of it. Being around people that are just like you in so many ways can help you to relate to them. The point of recovery is to show you that you do not have to be alone anymore.

You will find meetings

Being part of the group really starts with showing up to meetings. This is where the journey begins. You can gather information, find a sponsor, share what you are feeling, hear someone’s solution on how they are staying sober, or just get your court card signed. Whichever category you are comprised of does not really matter. Suiting up and showing up is crucial to belong.

You will find spirituality

Even if you are a self-proclaimed atheist or agnostic, you will see spirituality everywhere in recovery. The changes that are occurring must come from something divine. While you may not believe in anything, there is no denying that something special happens to a ton of people that trudge down the path of recovery.

You will find solution

The biggest part of recovery is getting into solution. Everyone’s pace will be different and how someone hears solution will vary depending on where they are in their recovery. Being in solution is not about being perfect at it. Improving with solution should be the goal. Learning to stay in solution will make the biggest changes in your recovery.

The vision of recovery is one with a bright future if you wish to accept the challenge. If you start today, you will give yourself the foresight you deserve in recovery.


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