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Who We Treat

Mental health issues and substance use disorders affect people of all ages, genders, and walks of life. At Pacific Solstice, we’re committed to making sure individuals and families in Orange County have access to the highest quality mental health care and addiction treatment, provided by ethical, experienced professionals who are passionate about helping people thrive.

From young adults to working professionals, couples to families, adult abuse survivors to men battling eating disorders, active duty military to veterans — we develop customized treatment, therapies and recovery plans for each individual and their unique needs. Whether you’re struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, anxiety, depression, an eating disorder, or the unseen wounds of trauma, you are not alone. There is hope and a pathway to the life you want. Take the first step here. Call (949) 200-7929.

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Young Adults ›

The cusp of adulthood is a challenging time for any young person. Add a substance addiction and/or mental health issue to the mix, and life can come to a standstill. Our therapists specialize in working with young adults and teens to help get them back on track, addiction-free, and living up to their full potential.

Working Professionals ›

On the surface, professionals often seem to have it all: family, career, home. But increasing numbers of working adults struggle with drug and alcohol addiction as well as mental health issues. Balancing treatment with other obligations isn’t easy. That’s why we offer flexible outpatient programs designed around busy professional lives.

Families & Couples ›

When a loved one faces substance addiction and/or mental health issues, the whole family is affected. Healthy relationships between family members and couples are critical to long-term addiction recovery and mental wellbeing. Our unique approach includes support and therapy for patients as well as the people who love them.

Individuals ›

The journey to mental health and recovery is different for every person. As part of our unique approach to therapy and addiction treatment, our team of professionals collaborate to customize personalized plans for each patient we treat. That includes one-on-one counseling with a dedicated therapist and plenty of individual attention.

Abuse Survivors ›

The wounds we accumulate as children leave scars that can last a lifetime. Survivors of childhood physical, sexual, and verbal abuse and trauma often confront serious mental health and substance use disorders as adults. Treating these issues requires specialized knowledge from trained, licensed, and compassionate professionals.

Military & Veterans ›

Many active-duty service men and women as well as veterans carry unseen wounds of combat and trauma. These wounds can make it especially difficult to reenter civilian life and reconnect with friends and family. As part of our non-profit work, our therapists collaborate closely with military personnel and their families to treat mental health issues and addiction.

Men with Eating Disorders ›

Body image issues and eating disorders affect boys and men as well as women. Yet most eating disorder treatment centers in Orange County focus their services on female patients. To meet the growing need for male-centric programs, we offer specialized eating disorder treatments and therapy designed to meet the needs of men.

Free Intervention

If you know someone who needs immediate attention for their addiction or mental health issues but aren’t sure what to do, let us help. We offer free services to coordinate and lead an intervention with close family and friends for loved ones who need help but are reluctant to get it.

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“Evan and Tom make me feel at home. The entire team gives compassion and care to not only me but my family as well.”

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“The work I did here was different. Intense and deep! I have participated in many forms of treatment and therapy but nothing ever as healing and complete as Pacific Solstice.”


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In Network Insurance

Pacific Solstice is in network with Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Tricare, HMC, Multiplan, & Health Advocate Solutions

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Insurance coverage

At Pacific Solstice, we believe quality mental health services and addiction treatment should be accessible and affordable. We accept a wide range of PPO insurance providers, including the ones listed below. At this time, we do not accept Drug Medi-cal, Medicare, or Medicaid.

BlueCross BlueShield
Health Net
Medical Mutual
United Healthcare


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