Harm reduction and Narcan presentation for the Grammy’s nonprofit, Musicares on 1/17/19 from 11 AM- 1 PM. Hosted by Pacific Solstice, CCAPP, and Musicares.

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Whether you’re living with a drug or alcohol addiction, or struggling with a mental health disorder — there is a path to long-term recovery, health, and happiness for you. We’re here to help you find and follow it. The leading reputable drug rehab, substance abuse, and mental health treatment center in Orange County, California, Pacific Solstice customizes our treatments and therapy for each individual and his or her journey. Just as you are unique, so is our approach to helping you live the life you want and deserve.

Pacific Solstice differs from other drug rehab and treatment centers in a number of important ways. Our team is comprised entirely of reputable, professional therapists with advanced degrees and decades of experience treating substance use and mental health disorders. Our patients receive attentive, personalized, and compassionate care in a small, supportive setting where no one falls through the cracks. More than the addiction or disorder, we treat the whole person to address the root of the problem. We also empower our patients with the knowledge, real-life tools and resources to achieve long-term sobriety and mental wellbeing out in the world.

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“Evan and Tom make me feel at home. The entire team gives compassion and care to not only me but my family as well.”

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“The work I did here was different. Intense and deep! I have participated in many forms of treatment and therapy but nothing ever as healing and complete as Pacific Solstice.”


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Free Support Group

Families of loved ones struggling with addiction and mental health issues need help too. Join our supportive group of family members who come together to share experiences and find common ground. Open to all, this free support group in Orange County meets every Tuesday from 6-7pm at:

Pacific Solstice
23461 So. Pointe Dr., Suite 340
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Insurance coverage

At Pacific Solstice, we believe quality mental health services and addiction treatment should be accessible and affordable. We accept a wide range of PPO insurance providers, including the ones listed below. At this time, we do not accept Drug Medi-cal, Medicare, or Medicaid.

BlueCross BlueShield
Health Net
Medical Mutual
United Healthcare


Pacific Solstice Events

Harm reduction and Narcan presentation for the Grammy’s nonprofit, Musicares
1/17/19 from 11 AM- 1 PM.
Hosted by Pacific Solstice, CCAPP, and Musicares.

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