Walk In Clinic


Access to a Full Range of Services

Not everyone can plan far ahead for their mental healthcare. So, we've added Saturday Walk In Clinic to respond to community demand. From 9A-4P every Saturday, you are welcome to come in without an appointment. Instead of charging insurance, it's the same flat reduced rate for each person, $150. You can pay online when you arrive. This Clinic Day includes a screening, then an appointment with a Counselor, Therapist, Physician Assistant, or Psychiatrist. How we coordinate the clinician you see is made based on your screening and our insight on how we can get you relief ASAP. Everyone leaves with a treatment plan. Everyone leaves with a lollipop and the information necessary to take action. And yes, a lollipop. Healthcare does not need to smell like chemicals and look like white walls. And too often in neuroscience and mental healthcare, things get serious fast. While we take your suffering seriously and we know you shouldn't have to do all of this alone and without our well informed empathy and high quality services. Access and encouragement to a full range of services gives you a jumpstart. We are a family and we know you need that right now.

Quality of Life Today

The purpose of the Pacific Solstice Saturday Walk In Clinic is to increase the ways you can receive support. Usually, if someone is suffering from geriatric depression, treatment resistant depression, ADHD, ADD, Aspergers and Autism, scheduling and responding to the logistics of their healthcare needs may be spotty or reactive at best. Pacific Solstice offers functional medicine, therapy, case management and much more under one roof to help you stay educated and empowered to put your mental health first. In our experience, once you experience small gains in your chief complaint, you will experience more wins in your whole health. Not to mention, health today, even in small measures, is prevention for tomorrow. That savings of time, energy and money down the road. Come see us this Saturday, it will not be the same without you.