MeRT℠ Brain Treatment


Pacific Solstice offers a newer brain technology called MeRT℠ (Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy) to address underlying causes of chemical imbalances in the brain.  We are taking the technology of transcranial magentic stimulation (TMS) to a new level by combining it with integrative psychiatry.

What is an example of an underlying cause in the brain?

When it comes to brain wave patterns, the brain may have various significant deficits or imbalances. There are 4 especially key patterns that are measured. Delta Waves, typically present in deep sleep; Theta waves, typically present when one is drowsy or beginning to fall asleep; Alpha waves, typically present when awake but relaxed and/or eyes closed; Beta waves, typically present during focus, learning, and high level cognition. Symptoms arise when these waves are disrupted. For example, a very common EEG (electroencephalogram) recording demonstrates a substantial amount of theta (drowsiness) waves present when patients are awake, and decreased amount of alpha waves. What is the significance of this? This means that individuals are attempting to function at high levels when their brains are in a sleep-like state. As a result, emotional dysregulation, irritability, difficulty focusing, difficulty reaching milestones, impulsivity, or even suicidal ideation may be present. Additionally, the brain rapidly burns through nutrients attempting to catch up to the demands of the day while in this sleep-like state. This depletion further impacts the brain’s ability to process information and regulate mood. Until these brain wave patterns are restored, it is extremely difficult for the brain to truly heal. 

How can you restore these wave patterns?

MeRT℠ works to deliver magnetic stimulation to certain areas of the brain to help reset the brain waves. MeRT℠ is a patented, evidence-based, FDA-approved, non invasive procedure that includes a combination of magnetic transcranial stimulation and electroencephalogram (EEG) to provide individualized relief, while optimizing brain function. The location of and intensity of stimulation varies and is customized for each patient. Most sessions last 30 - 45 minutes. It is common for a patient to feel relief within five sessions, but within 3 months, cognitive and behavioral changes can be truly felt and noticed.  MeRT℠ has a low side effect profile and is a painless procedure, including in children. MeRT℠ may be used to treat a variety of conditions including ASD, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Stroke, and may even be used to optimize cognition. This treatment is considered an alternative therapy that can help some patients decrease or even get off their medication. In the case of children, it can help prevent the need to start medication. 

We are the preferred provider of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) using Magnetic eResonance Therapy (MeRT℠) to reduce stress, improve focus, relieve trauma or injury, and treat an array of presenting problems though this prong of our integrated care. We understand sources of inflammation and seek to analyze individual brain patterns in order to stop the cycle and help you find relief once and for all. Our providers pairs MeRT℠ with psychotherapy, circadian rhythm rebalancing and holistic medicine to provide the best results.  It's our objective to help you be as informed about your brain as we are. Your goals are as valuable as the things that make you unique and a true phenomenon.  Using the best technology and sharing enhanced coping and neurological care is the path we choose for the families we serve.


TMS is Medicare approved. Please call to learn more about our specialty in treating geriatric depression.

We welcome your questions about this technology. Contact our admissions team to see what options are available to you!