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Mental Health San Clemente

Did you have a mental health breakdown recently? Better yet, are you looking for help for a family member or friend? If you live in San Clemente, we offer onsite treatments for depression, chronic pain, psychiatric help, eating disorder, transcranial magnetic stimulation for military or veterans and much more in Orange County.

Mental Health San Clemente

If you live in San Clemente, Solstice Pacific can treat Mental Health

Solstice Pacific offers many different treatments for Mental Health care in San Clemente. There is Intensive Outpatient treament, Partial Hospitalization Day Treatment, Geriatric Mental Health and Day Treatment, Treatment Resistant Depression, ADD and ADHD Treatment, Eating Disorder Treatment, EMDR, HIV/ AIDS Holistic Clinic, Trauma, Stress Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Chronic Pain Treatment.

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Psychiatrist San Clemente

As you take the time you need to heal, you will learn about the neurobiology of stress and notice yourself making decisions from a different framework. These forerunners in healthcare have taught us to generate health by practicing it first. Even more, they show how to use a condition or disorder as a gateway to self-compassion. Trauma and stress are inextricably linked. Not everyone will make it to Solstice Pacific. It's brave, bold work to learn about yourself and others.

For those who join us in the clinic, they find community in groups, at lunch and over the many experiences and emotions that wash over us on a daily basis. The villains here aren't emotions or pause, but concealing and minimizing yourself (which are the most common crossroads). If emotions are feedback and our stories are important, psychiatric medicine may help us understand some of the most important realities about personal well-being.

Come find out how integrative, functional medicine steeped in history will repair your stress response, relationships and energy.