Will Drug and Alcohol Addiction Affect Your Spirituality?

These statements may seem dangerous to prove or give someone a fallacy of hope. In the same scope there are people that say that drugs and alcohol may make them feel more spiritual. The effects of drugs and alcohol can give someone hallucinations, delusions, and a different mentality to make them think that their drug-induced haze was their reality. They might be unsure of what was real and what was conjured up from unreliable intoxicating substances.

Your spiritual experiences are between you and your Higher Power and honestly it would be difficult for someone else to make that decision for you. To be addicted to drugs and alcohol might however keep you from having any true spiritual time with your Higher Power since your alter ego typically takes over when you are loaded. Someone that uses drugs and alcohol may have a perceived “moment of clarity” to where they might have deciphered meeting their maker even though they are unclear with what happened. If you are using drugs and alcohol to avoid your life, then you are most likely going to avoid your Higher Power until you are able to stop your addiction.

Drug and alcohol abuse can change how someone behaves morally. Drug and alcohol addiction may have you engaging in illegal or unscrupulous activities that you would not normally do such as prostitution, theft, or selling drugs. There is no doubt that by doing harmful tasks, relating to your Higher Power will become onerous.

You may have a belief in your Higher Power that may have stemmed from childhood or even only started in your adulthood. If you are abusing drugs and alcohol it is safe to say that you could have a belief in your Higher Power although you are not putting faith into action. Having faith is built by trusting that your Higher Power will do right by you. When you continue to pursue your addiction, you are putting faith into the drugs and alcohol instead of your Higher Power.

The basis of whether drugs and alcohol can alter your spirituality can be best explained by what happens to you when you drink or use, how much you consume, and how often. Drug and alcohol addiction will more than likely block you from the sunlight of spirituality. Your relationship with your Higher Power is up to you to utilize it for what it’s worth and you are worth it.


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