Why Recovery is the Antidote for Addiction

Since drugs and alcohol are pure poison to the body and often cause addiction, the only antidote that has been shown to counteract the poison of addiction is recovery in all its glory.

You have a choice in the matter

There are two decisions that someone with an addiction can chose from: to continue going down the destructive path that addiction progressively navigates or to stop abusing drugs and alcohol. Being under the influence is not someone’s true persona blocking them from having a choice in the matter. When someone stops using or drinking they have a greater chance to get into recovery and start getting well mentally, physically, and spiritually.

You get to move in a better direction

Recovery is the chance of a lifetime. Once you start going into the motion of living a life in sobriety, you will be able to start putting into motion some of the things that you probably thought were not possible. Recovery can transform the lowliest people into a person that can carry the message to other substance abuse sufferers.

You can be fulfilled

During addiction, most people’s daily purpose is to maintain their high, so they can feel better. This can keep them from living up to their full potential in recovery because they are constantly chasing their drugs and alcohol. Recovery is full of possibilities that would otherwise be missed if someone is unable to remove the fog that sets in with their addiction. Your goals can be achieved in recovery by taking a chance that starts with putting down the drugs and the alcohol.

You are worth it

Drugs and alcohol are thieves. They take away ambition, motivation, and self-worth to make someone who battles with addiction think that they are not honorable enough to live within better means. Recovery is overflowing with good intentions and can be instrumental in showing anyone that wants it that they are worth it.

Addiction makes life difficult to the point of unmanageability and can really take someone unknowingly down. Recovery can remedy addiction by helping someone to start living a sober life in the hopes of making continuous adjustments for a lifetime.


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