Why is Self-Care an Important Aspect of Recovery?

Then we are directed to start implementing self-care into our recovery and we are conflicted because we feel overwhelmed, like we are moving back into our selfish side. The truth of the matter is that having a practice of self-care is actually self-less. Addiction makes us abuse our body, minds, and souls. By using self-care, we are in return showing ourselves compassion that fosters our empathy for others. We cannot be of any good to someone else if we are not taking care of our basic needs to stay sober.

When we think of self-care, we may think of getting a manicure or getting a massage, but some aspects of self-care are also those that help to increase our self-esteem. We may have to start with our basic needs like getting out of bed and opening the blinds, taking a shower, or eating a nutritious meal. Taking baby steps with some of the things that will help us to care for ourselves will make a difference in the state our recovery. Start with self-care needs and then other self-care essentials will be revealed to us as our time progresses in sobriety.

  • Journal
  • Exercise
  • Use guided meditation
  • Create art
  • Solve a puzzle
  • Take a cooking class
  • Watch a sunset
  • Write a gratitude list
  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness
  • Experience a sunrise
  • Watch a movie
  • Go for a walk
  • Start a garden
  • Create a playlist
  • Take a hike
  • Read a book
  • Color in an adult coloring book
  • Light aromatic candles
  • Gracious redundancy

We should get creative in what we like to do to help us to relax and take it easy. No two people will have the same self-care, so it is important to discover the things that will help us to achieve serenity amidst our chaotic lives. Having some down time for ourselves can give us a peace of mind that will encourage us to stay on track in our recovery instead constantly being on the go without having any balance. When we are doing something that makes us feel good, we will reap the rewards that self-care promotes.

By being kinder and gentler with ourselves, we will transmit kindness and gentleness onto others. Learning to love ourselves in recovery is one of the best gifts that we can ever receive. Love, me.



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