Why Do I Need a Sponsor?

When you were using and drinking, the company that you probably spent most of your time with are not people that you may necessarily spend time with in recovery. Once you become part of a 12-Step program, you may be pleasantly surprised with all the people who seem to be just like you and sober. One of the main suggestions of a 12-Step program is to find someone to walk you through the 12 Steps. This may seem like a tall order that you think may be difficult to undergo, but the best part of being involved with a 12-Step program is that there is a sponsor out there for everyone.

When looking for a sponsor, your best bet is find someone that has the peace and serenity that you are looking for within your own recovery. The key is to find someone who has what you want for yourself. Many people that attend 12-Step meetings will show you their cards during their shares. If you pay attention to where their intentions lie, you will hear the things that you need to do in your own recovery. Seek out this person and ask them if they will take you through the 12-Steps.

You need a sponsor because a 12-Step program has pertinent information that has been passed down from generation to generation in its purest form. The book that goes along with your 12-Step program is meant to give precise directions on how to stay sober so that there is no question on what you are meant to do. Picking someone that has already had this knowledge passed down to them will make the most beneficial sponsor.

Finding a sponsor that best suits you may take some time, or you may know right away that they are “the one”. Having someone you trust with all your shame and guilt will in return open up the door for you become honest with them and in other areas of your life. The recovery process works better by doing what is suggested rather than trying to run the show yourself. Since you have probably already tried on your own devices to stay sober, letting someone else show what they do in recovery to maintain sobriety will be one of the best decisions that you could make for yourself and for your future one day at time.


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