What Does “Getting Centered” Really Mean?

Apprehension builds up that starts to chip away at one’s self-worth and self-esteem. The next thing that happens almost unknowingly is that the person who is abusing drugs and alcohol is so far gone that they are totally self-absorbed, and their only priority is figuring out how to get their next fix.

In recovery, it is stated that a conception must be reinstated within the realm of finding a Higher Power for someone to stay sober. The best way of defining this conception without offending those who are agnostic, or atheist is to use the terminology of “getting centered”. Using a focal point can help someone who is stressed out or feeling emotional come back to feeling balanced once again by putting aside the highs and lows of life they may be experiencing. The question is how do you find your center?

Visualize it.

Using nature or a Higher Power can promote the good feelings that you desire inside your being. By using something you can picture in your mind that is calming and soothing, you can take any stressors that you have to that center instead of having to react in a way that does not model harmony.

Listen for it.

Use guided meditation or music to help keep you calm when you need to be distracted during a stress-induced episode. Put on your headphones when you can and utilize an app on your phone to listen to a specific playlist, listen to calming mood noises, or a guided meditation that can bring you right back to being centered.

Speak it.

Whether you are using prayers or a mantra, saying out loud what you are hoping for can put out your wishes into the Universe to come into fruition. You might think that this is pretty silly because you may feel like you are just talking to yourself. Do not knock it until you try it. Even if you are only saying, “One day at a time” every day, you are putting some positive juju out there to accomplish. Start small and keep moving forward in your goal to accept what you are doing. Faith is built by believing that you can do this.

Using these means to find the balance you may have been searching for is essential for obtaining it. “Getting centered” is the difference between worrying and believing that everything will work out exactly the way that it is supposed to.


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