What Does Being Terminally Unique Reveal About You?

You may have thoughts that no one will understand me or why is this only happening to me? Chances are that someone has the same issues that are making you feel different from everyone else. You, however, choose to keep feeling terminally unique instead looking for the similarities in others that can set you free.

You affix yourself on being alone.

Having silent turmoil only makes your personal struggle more problematic. Isolating yourself with your problems gives leeway in allowing fear the chance to take the command over you. Fear is usually at the root of all hardship which can make you feel like you are not at the right caliber to be around others. Do not let fear disguise itself to provoke you into thinking that you are not worthy. You are. You most definitely are.

You will not let yourself be understood.

There could be people out there that may not understand your situation, but there are people that will understand you. Stop looking at the people that do not have the capacity to comprehend what you are going through and start searching for the people that do have discernment for you. Stick with like-minded people so that you can do whatever it takes to feel like you are part of a group.

You think you are beyond getting some relief.

If you think you are too far gone to deserve any sort of help, that is just not true. There are people in the recovery world that will have nothing but compassion for what you are going through. By thinking that you are unsuitable to alleviate any discomfort you are going through, you are actually self-inflicting yourself with terminal uniqueness that will keep you from gaining the guidance that you need to feel better.

You think others cannot compare to you.

This is not comparison in a high and mighty way, but in a lowly and less-than kind of way. Your perception is one that thinks that others could not possibly be as a bad as you. The truth is that everyone has skeletons in their closet and if someone thinks they are better than you then you probably do not need their support or company anyways.

Being unique is what you are meant to be. Instead of being terminally unique, you should own that you are an original, exceptional individual that has much to offer this world.


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