Ways to Spring into Action With Recovery

Instantaneous rejuvenation might happen once you can feel the rays of the sun on your skin again. You will see more people outside walking or bicycling to make up for the lost time they spent indoors trying to stay warm by initiating spring cleaning, new challenges, and new goals. Whether you just got sober or have been sober for a while, the vernal equinox is as good as a time as any to spring into action in your recovery.

Clean house

You will hear this term a lot in recovery which does not necessarily mean to spring clean. What it means is to get rid of anything that is blocking your ability to stay sober. By working through resentments and trauma, you are literally cleaning your insides out to feel better.

Help Others

Being of service to your loved ones and others that need your help is a great way to get out of your own self-regard. During your addiction you probably behaved selfishly and now you have the opportunity to change something negative into a positive by putting your hand out to others.

Reach out

Isolation may be your normal MO but being in recovery means that you never have to be alone again if you choose. Start by going to 12-Step meetings to be around others that have also gone through the struggles of addiction. When you hear somebody that you relate to share their story, grab them after them meeting and get their phone number. This way when you get into a pinch you have recovery friends and can find a sponsor to help you out when you are feeling weak.

Suit up

One of the best ways to spring into action is do something more than you are already doing especially if you have gotten complacent in your recovery. When you start becoming unconcerned with your sobriety, you are raising the chances of relapse for your yourself. Go to an extra meeting a week. Look to see if you are current with your step work. Call your sponsor more.

There are many ways to spring into action to make a bigger impression on your recovery. You should look at what you are doing to see where you can draw up improvements and make a fresh start that is so indicative to springtime.


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