Tips to Turn Abstinence into Recovery

They may be addicted to drugs and alcohol, but either their consequences got too high or they were sick and tired of being sick and tired. Abstinence may become the only option that some people will try to stop from battling the effects of alcohol and drug abuse. Without a plan of recovery that goes along with the cessation of drugs and alcohol, many people white-knuckle their days trying to hang on or else become a dry drunk. Being a dry drunk means that the person may have stopped drinking, however, they will be the same conflicted person that does not have any way to cope with the reasons of why they began drinking in the first place.

There are ways to cope with the ramifications that addiction yields. Having a recovery plan to fall back on when times get tough can be the very thing that prevents relapse and changes your behavior from hanging on for dear life with your sobriety to having the life you had always dreamt of.

Be willing

All you need is a speck of willingness to change from sobriety to recovery. The difference that recovery has over sobriety is that you are willing to work through the issues that ignited your addiction initially while changing your addictive behaviors to give yourself a chance at long-term sobriety.

Find support

You cannot venture through sobriety alone or you will most likely go back to your old ways. Finding people that have the same similarities with addiction as you do can help you to relate in recovery. Getting sober and staying sober can be a difficult process to endure without having the necessary support to encourage your decision with recovery. Join a 12-Step program and start going to meetings. You will probably hear someone share their story that will show you that they understand what you have been through

Make changes

No one really wants to change. Without making the paramount changes in your life that are conducive to your recovery, you will inevitably be more tempted to return to your old behaviors. The sayings “all you have to change is everything” and “nothing changes if nothing changes” says it all. You do the math.

Abstinence is a great place to start when you are determined to go cold turkey with your addiction. Getting the help that you need in recovery will make the quest for sobriety much more substantial.


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