The ABC’s of Recovery

Having the fundamental ABC’s of recovery are a great tool to help you find something that you may need to keep you flourishing in your recovery.

A – Acceptance: By assenting to an uncomfortable situation without trying to change or challenge it you are accepting it is what it is.

B – Bravery: Getting sober and staying sober to revolutionize your life to fulfill a bigger purpose takes boldness.

C – Change: Without change you will remain the person that you were in your addiction.

D – Determination: People that become sober and stick around muster a determination that is astonishing based on how powerful their addiction was.

E – Edify: Recovery is important to build yourself up with the support of others.

F – Forgiveness: When you learn to truly forgive others it is not really for them as much as it is for yourself and can put you on the path of compassion.

G – Growth: Others will most likely notice your transformation before you will, but you will see it eventually because growth is inevitable in recovery.

H – Hope: A feeling of trust that you want something better to expand your life.

I – Improvement: Abstinence is an improvement, but recovery will enhance your being.

J – Journal: There is something marvelous that happens when you put pen to paper by opening up your perspective.

K – Kindness: Starting over in recovery assists you in becoming a kinder person to those around you.

L – Love: Recovery can open you to love more than you ever thought was possible especially since you can actually feel love now.

M – Meditation: Spending quiet time will help you to become centered in different areas of your life.

N – Nurture: Your body, mind, and soul desires you to nurture your recovery.

O – Open-mindedness: Be receptive to whatever happens and go with the flow.

P – Positivity: Having a positive viewpoint to welcome change will offset the negativity that ensued with addiction.

Q – Quality: Striving for virtue can help you get off the beaten path and into recovery.

R – Rehabilitation: Turn over your life in recovery and it can help you to restore your principles.

S – Strength: To prevail in recovery flex your spiritual muscles against your addiction.

T – Today: You only have to worry about today because yesterday is already gone and tomorrow is not here yet.

U – Understanding: This is two-fold. Understanding of how recovery works and being understanding to those around you.

W – Willingness: You only need a mustard seed of willingness to get started in recovery.

Y – You: With self-care you can begin maintaining healthy relationships starting with yourself.

Z – Zeal: Have zeal in your pursuit of recovery to make things lighter and fun.

Recovery will take some effort for development. Using the ABC’s of recovery can lead you down the path of happy destiny.


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