Resilience Week: Day 5, February 9, 2024

Resilience Week: Day 5, February 9, 2024

Day 5: Guest Speakers
  • Stephanie Hill
  • Ramsden Florento
  • Anh Schlingman

Stephanie Hill


Solstice Pacific, Case Manager | CADC II

"Nine years ago, my life took an unexpected turn, leading me away from the corporate business world and back into the school setting, where I embarked on a journey to become a certified substance abuse counselor. For six years, I dedicated myself to working as a counselor and case manager, supporting both adults and adolescents grappling with substance abuse issues. In the last four years of that period, I took on the role of coordinating an adolescent program within a drug and alcohol treatment facility.

My passion for helping others has only intensified over the years. Currently, I am pursuing an MSW degree, driven by a desire to broaden my scope of practice and provide even more assistance to individuals on their recovery journeys. 

Reflecting on the past seven years of working as a clinician, I feel a profound sense of gratitude for the trust placed in me.

Enduring a lifetime of trauma has been a challenging path, but through self-acceptance, forgiveness, grace, and relentless effort, I have not just survived but thrived. These experiences have molded me into an empathetic and compassionate individual, both personally and professionally. I firmly believe that human challenges, difficulties, trauma, and suffering impart profound life lessons that wouldn't be otherwise grasped. While acknowledging the inherent unfairness of it all, I believe we have a choice—to either grow and learn from challenges or to dwell in the self-pity land.

In my journey, I've come to realize that change starts with our mindset and perspective. We must be open to introspection, accept feedback and support, and embrace the hard work required for transformation. Struggling with the pain of my past, I reached a point where I was sick and tired of living in pain. This pivotal moment led me to accept my unfair upbringing and various life traumas, choosing to find hope in my future. Faith has been my anchor, providing me with hope and strength.

Over the years, I diligently worked on replacing maladaptive coping mechanisms with healthy, positive thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. The road to recovery is lengthy, and a crucial lesson I learned along the way is patience—there's no predetermined timeframe for recovery; it takes as long as it takes." 

Ramsden Florento


Solstice Pacific, Customer Experience Director | LVN

"My life is a testament to resilience, shaped by challenges and triumphs. The turning point came during my college years at UCI, where losing my scholarship marked a profound setback. This moment, which I consider one of my greatest failures, catalyzed a journey of introspection and led me to nursing—a fulfilling yet incomplete path. Despite feeling a void, I dedicated myself to this profession while pursuing further education in another field.

Over 12 years, I balanced a demanding nursing career with my passion, embodying strength and commitment. My perseverance and skill development did not go unnoticed. Joining Solstice became the culmination of my efforts, where my journey, resilience, and identity were recognized and valued. This recognition was not merely professional but a personal affirmation that every challenge was a stepping stone toward success.

My story, marked by resilience, illustrates that while adversity shapes us, it's the relentless pursuit of growth and the courage to embrace change that truly defines us. My experience at Solstice is not just a career highlight but a testament to a resilient spirit that turns every setback into a foundation for triumph."

Anh Schlingman

Solstice Pacific, Customer Experience Manager | ACSW

"Hope is my guiding light; it's everything to me. It's the force that propels me forward, urging me toward the possibility of betterment. Alongside Jack, we've made hope and faith integral gifts to our children, a compass to navigate the inevitable curveballs life throws our way.

Growing up, my family's journey from Vietnam shaped my perspective on mindset. It was clear to me and my siblings that our parents possessed a growth-oriented and remarkably positive mindset. Despite the shadows of war, they didn't dwell on the past or mourn the losses. Instead, their focus was steadfastly on navigating forward, a mindset that has become a keystone in my own life transitions.

The lifestyle I lead is a privilege earned through my parents' hard work and resilience during challenging times. Their sacrifices allowed me to choose education in mental health, granting me the ability to understand mobility, both physically and mentally. This commitment to continuous learning and adaptability is mirrored in my own family, where my husband, a chiropractor, emphasizes the importance of prevention, mobility and functionality.

Strength, to me, is the bedrock of resilience. It's not an abstract concept but a tangible force drawn from lived experiences. It's like forging a sword, each life lesson contributing to the strength that shapes the core of who I am. Physically and mentally, my entire journey has been built on the foundation of this strength."

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