Resilience Week: Day 1, February 5, 2024

Resilience Week: Day 1, February 5, 2024

Day 1: Guest Speakers
  • Jason Landau
  • Dr. Randall Turner
  • Britten Devereux

Jason Landau


GBD Marketing, Chief Executive Officer 

"I had an unconventional upbringing, finding great joy in high school yet diving into college at the age of 16. At 20, I delved into entrepreneurship, simultaneously grappling with a cancer diagnosis that tested my resilience. It often felt like I was navigating life several steps ahead of my peers. Through it all, my commitment to perpetual self-improvement has been unwavering.

In my pursuit of personal growth, I regularly seek input from friends and family on how I can enhance my roles as a husband, father, and friend.

Optimism has been my steadfast companion throughout, with Mondays,in particular,holding a special place as an opportunity to excel and complete tasks.

While I acknowledge that tomorrow may not always bring immediate improvement, my optimistic spirit remains resilient.

My journey in martial arts at the age of 8, has imparted a valuable lesson:

A true warrior strives for excellence in every endeavor, embracing outcomes with acceptance.

I adhere to the belief that if one genuinely exerts their utmost effort, there is no room for regret. My life's success is grounded in an unyielding determination to persevere, coupled with a willingness to seek and heed the counsel of those I hold in high regard. Failure, to me, is not an endpoint but rather a stepping stone from which to learn, adapt, and persist." 

Dr. Randall Turner



"Several years ago, I was struck by a severe illness that left me feeling utterly depleted, unable to even manage the simplest of tasks. It was a wake-up call—an urgent reminder that I had neglected my physical well-being for far too long. Determined to reclaim my strength, I embarked on a mission to fortify myself against future health challenges that were bound to arise.

With unwavering resolve, I overhauled my lifestyle, revamping my diet, committing to regular exercise, and immersing myself in the rejuvenating embrace of nature. With each mindful choice, I felt a surge of vitality coursing through my veins, a tangible manifestation of my newfound commitment to wellness.

Yet, I quickly realized that I couldn't embark on this journey alone. I needed support, guidance, and companionship to navigate the path toward physical resilience. That's when I found my tribe—a group of like-minded individuals dedicated to prioritizing their health and well-being. Together, we sweat, we laugh, and we bond over our shared pursuit of strength and vitality.

In their company, I've discovered a profound sense of camaraderie and support that bolsters me through every challenge. I know that illness may still lurk on the horizon, but I face the future with a deeper resilience, knowing that I've fortified myself to the best of my ability. With each step forward, I embrace the journey toward physical and emotional well-being, empowered by the knowledge that I am not alone in this pursuit of strength and vitality." 

Britten Devereux


Solstice Pacific | Solstice Southwest, Chief Executive Officer

"Resilience to me is choosing to go on. After the disappointment. After the insult. After the loss. And to do it during the pain. It's the intentional choice to seek support and connection even when embarrassment and fear loom large. In my personal journey, resilience unfolded as a conscious decision to embrace professional help when the shadows of depression and anxiety led me into dark corners.

Over the past twelve years, I've dedicated myself to the continuous refinement of a lifestyle that serves as a shield against illness while nurturing my mood and cognition. This ongoing process, though challenging, has evolved from chaos into a joyful pursuit of improvement and curation. In the early stages, confusion clouded my understanding of emotions, prompting attempts to control rather than embrace them as valuable feedback.

The turning point came when I partnered with individuals like Brianna, Narges, Randall, Anh, and others, ushering in a transformative phase of resilience. Family love and the guidance of professionals like Beth Stipher and Sulabha Abhyankar played pivotal roles in fortifying my resilience. Choosing resilience involves the commitment to internal work, especially during moments when discussing oneself seems most daunting.

Reflecting on my childhood, I witnessed my parents navigate overnight shifts, endure decades in unfulfilling jobs, and confront unexpected challenges. Today, as I observe the people and patterns in my life, I recognize the manifestation of God's discipline and love. It's this divine combination that fuels my resilience—providing both the strength to endure and the hope that propels me forward."

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