Managing School Alongside Depression and Anxiety

Managing School Alongside Depression and Anxiety

Featuring Solstice Academy: Functional Care for Your Child

Parents, are you feeling overwhelmed with how your child is struggling in school and at home? Are you seeing an increase in anxiety, meltdowns, destructive behaviors, or simply the inability to focus or process information?  Are you gathering more concern about your child’s ability to meet academic goals or graduate on time?

It’s time to take a pause and re-evaluate the strategy. 

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a rise in academic and emotional struggles, especially anxiety, depression, and ADHD symptoms. As a result, families have been carrying more stress, less effective routines, and it’s impacting the child’s ability to learn and thus their grades. While 504 Plans or an IEP can help get you started, there is often more that is needed to help get your loved one out of the rut of their overwhelming emotions and inability to accomplish school tasks. And more importantly, more is needed to make sure they are safe. To help support  this process, Solstice Academy is a helpful solution to help bridge the gap between mental health support and academic needs. 

Solstice Academy is paired with our PHP or IOP programming to help your family get a reset, and to make sure your loved one gets two important goals met: Education and Emotional Development. The Academy is specifically customized to help your child learn, retain, and build practical skills. It is our goal to help your child learn life-long skills that help them succeed in all phases of life. 

One important aspect of Solstice Academy is the strategic timing of the schedule. Teens and adolescents tend to process information in shorter spurts due to the fact that their brains are still developing. Rather than have 60+ minutes of classwork at a time, we break the material down in 30 minutes segments, and pair the learning with mindfulness, movement, food breaks, and coping skills. This helps the brain become more functional, more efficient, and literally helps it become more strong like a muscle. We also reduce the amount of screen time involved in the learning process to limit the negative impact that can have on the brain and on mood. 

The other important aspect of Solstice Academy is the integrative approach to mental healthcare. Through the pairing of academic support with our PHP or IOP program, your family gets an integrative model, supporting: sleep, nutrition, mood, time management skills, communication skills, coping skills, social skills, relapse prevention skills, and how to set and meet goals. 

Life moves fast and can feel so anxiety-inducing and overwhelming, especially for a brain that is still developing. But it’s important to break things down in increments and make things more doable and attainable. Your family has been through a lot if you’ve gotten to this point. It’s time to branch out and take a holistic approach to health and learning. Let’s work together to help your teen finish high school strong and gain life skills in the journey.  

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