Is What Other People Think of Me None of My Business?

Although it may seem like a rude statement, the meaning behind it actually has some validity that is useful for someone in recovery. Shame and guilt has probably been a big factor in what has kept you drinking and using for as long as you have. Addiction has a way of making even the best of people do rotten things that they would not ordinarily do sober.

Once you got sober, you presumably become even more self-conscious than you thought that you would ever be. You probably could have cared-less at what other people were thinking of you while you were under the influence. Getting honest and taking responsibility for the not so nice things you did in addiction can be just the recipe to make you feel like everyone is looking down on you.

While there may be some haters in your past, what they think of you is none of your business. You may be thinking that since they are having these negative feelings about you that you have the right to know. Think it through. Do you really want to know what they think about you especially if it is insulting towards your character? Does it really matter what they think of you?

In recovery, you are supposed to be building up your self-esteem. Being around people who are constantly cutting you down and not encouraging your recovery is not conducive to helping you succeed during a crucial part of your life. Your best choice is to wait until you get to the ninth step and try to make amends when the time is right by using the guidelines that your sponsor will give you to write your letters. In the meantime, focus on being a better person in recovery just for today.

People may have a bad opinion of you because of what you did during your addiction. Change that opinion by doing what is suggested to do in your recovery. When you take that leap of faith to transform into the person that you were meant to be, you have much better opportunity to give people a better impression of how you are presently living. Staying sober does not necessarily mean that all that you did in the past will automatically be water under the bridge but give it time. More importantly, you will start to change the impression of what you think of yourself which will turn into self-confidence for others to witness.



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