In-network Cigna Depression Treatment Center

Depression is more commonly reported in primary care. In part, practitioners more routinely ask about mood and suicidality. In part, global events feel out of control, creating depression and anxiety, agitating existing chronic conditions or requiring more care than usual. We are taking a special initiative to care for Cigna members with depression. Finding effective and compassionate care for depression and anxiety can be a taxing endeavor. It's important to feel safe, heard, and supported in the journey of healing. Solstice Pacific is proud to be in-network with Cigna insurance. Access and affordability to excellent psychiatric care is at the heart of our mission to treat the family. We consistently receive feedback that we take more time than patients have experienced in the past and the measurable relief they gain exceeds prior treatment attempts. Being seen, heard and valued must be at the center of mental health care. At Solstice Pacific, Cigna patients get the extra mile, integrative care to prevent psychiatric emergencies and severe or chronic comorbid conditions.

Our Cigna patients receive collaborative care to maximize their resources - time, energy and money. This can involve individual psychotherapy, family therapy, and other cutting edge interventions. TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) is one of those interventions, which is otherwise difficult to obtain. At Solstice Pacific, Cigna members may receive this treatment for persistent or treatment-resistant depression. This brain treatment can address underlying brain wave abnormalities and treat conditions at the source, providing lasting relief. Our TMS technology is a few steps ahead - it can also be used for off-label indications such as ADHD, PTSD, and even Autism Spectrum Disorder. Another groundbreaking treatment option is Spravato® - a nasal spray medication effective for the treatment of acute suicidal ideation or treatment-resistant depression. Spravato® is a desirable option for our patients who are burned out from trying and failing multiple medications for their depression. As an in-network Cigna provider, Solstice Pacific, now offers more than a dozen psychiatric modalities under one roof for the convenience of our clients. Contact us today for a free consultation to discover the possibilities.

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