How Can I Switch My Attitude to Gratitude?

Your thought process may be one of, “Why should I be grateful that I am here on a court card.” Or “Do they really think that I should be thankful to be here with them?” The answer in short is that any measure that you can take to stop your troublesome addiction might be the very thing that can help you to stay sober. If you are new in sobriety, it may take you some time to understand why people that are addicted to drugs and alcohol who got sober have an attitude of gratitude, but you can switch to an attitude of gratitude as well with a few changes.

Stop fighting the process

Getting into acceptance of where you are in your life can be achieved if you will stop contending it. By procuring sobriety now, you will make it much easier for yourself than if you continue the way you are going. You may need to do some more research and that is okay if you are willing to keep building on your consequences that have probably already started to get pretty high. Putting stakes into your recovery will eventually show you that sobriety will elicit more appreciation for what you have.

Change your fortitude

One of the best aspects of recovery is that it can give you an opportunity to change your mindset. Many people with addictions think the world is out to get them or think that they are not worthy of living the life they are meant to be living in sobriety. This mentality can be changed with the recovery tools that will be offered to you in treatment, a 12-Step program, or in therapy. Letting go of the past and your resentments is one of the main ways that your attitude can change to that of gratitude.

Do this for yourself

If you came into recovery with a chip on your shoulder to get others off your back, your intentions are all wrong. With this kind of reasoning, you will be inadvertently waiting for the other shoe to drop. This type of thinking will only keep you belligerent with the people that you are trying to please. By doing this for yourself you are ensuring a better chance of sobriety for the long haul.

Getting involved in your recovery is one of the best character building practices to edify yourself to another level of self-awareness. Being positive and rolling through recovery with grace and dignity is the core of upping your attitude of gratitude.


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