How a Family Should Intervene During Addiction

Either way, the addiction can do a real number by making the family unity crumble and eventually break it apart.

Most families have little knowledge on how they should react to the damage that an addiction creates within their family unit or what they should do to guide their loved one to get the help they need to stop. Questions will arise on what role the family should take. Sadly, in many cases the family will only enable the situation and unintentionally make the situation worse.

Get help

You may be bitter that you are having to deal with everything that comes along with an addiction that is not even yours. While the circumstances are unfortunate, your loved one could use your help regardless if they want it or not. Whether you get help from a therapist, an interventionist, or in Al Anon, getting some knowledge on how you should respond to the addiction will show you how to set healthy boundaries.

Ask questions

The only way you can learn about addiction and the position that you need to take is to ask whatever questions that pop into your head. There are no stupid questions when it comes to saving someone’s life and regaining the balance in your life back.

Take heed

The person with the addiction must do the work for their addiction. You cannot want their sobriety more than they want it for themselves. Seeking guidance with how to deal with the addiction can be obtained by getting help from a source that has knowledge on how to point you into the right direction to salvage whatever is left with your family and keep it together.

When your life is directly and indirectly affected from addiction, you should intervene for your own serenity and sanity. You cannot solve the problems for the person who has the addiction, but you can set a good example and the tone for what happens next. Addiction is an insidious malady that wants to take everything down with it including the family.


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