Does Our Cell Phone Frequency Change our Mood?

With these perks, your phone has literally become your right-hand man. Have you ever thought about what it might be doing to your frame of mind?

First you should take a look at some statistics that have been researched about how all ages are affected through media usage. According to a recent study, children from ages 8-18 are using some sort of device, usually a phone, for an average of 7.5 hours a day with 24 percent of adolescents being constantly online. You may think those stats are outrageous, but on the average adults are using their devices for 10 hours a day. Increased cell phone usage can be the cause of certain physiological and psychological ailments that are directly related your health.


Loss curve in the cervical spine has become a much bigger problem that is causing more people to suffer from “text neck”. Your head weighs 10-12 pounds. Depending on what angle your head is directed can be the cause of undue pressure on the neck up to around 60 pounds. Your posture can make a difference in your mood and slouching can actually cause anxiety and depression to become more probable.


The addictive qualities that a cell phone possess can be dangerous with all day handling. Mood disorders can develop by having detachment issues that might cause irritability. The fear of missing out and viewing the “perfect” family photos on social media can also add to anxiety of not feeling good enough.

Sleep patterns

You may think that you are unwinding before you get to sleep by perusing social media or playing that last game of the day. On the contrary, it actually makes sleep more difficult. Cell phones emit a blue light that causes sleeplessness and sporadic sleep sequences.


Withdrawing from your loved ones due to excessive dependence on the phone can make them feel like you are not interested in spending time with them. If you are sitting face to face with someone and you are constantly checking emails, texts, or posting your latest status, you are still socially isolating in the moment which can lead to high levels of discord.

Cell phones are great tools to have at your fingertips. The downside is that if they are not used in moderation then they create more problems than they may be worth. Can you hear me now?


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