Can I Start My New Year’s Resolutions Over?

Most people are gung-ho with new beginnings and all, but oftentimes find themselves overwhelmed with their new goals and quit altogether. Then there is the period of self-loathing because they did not accomplish what they originally set out to do. The good news is that we can start over at any time.

As a society, we generally have an all or nothing mentality to where we will just not do it at all if it does not look pretty to the outside world. The same goes with recovery. Many times, people will give up trying to stay sober because they think that it just is not working. What we are taught in recovery is that we have a daily reprieve. We can begin again at any time every day all day long.

There is no pressure to keep our New Year’s resolutions and no pressure to do our recovery perfectly. The only thing that we want to do with vigor and resolution is to not pick up a drink or a drug one day at a time. While that may seem like an easy task for some to handle, a person that abuses drugs and alcohol has a much harder time with this. Substance abuse creates an aversion in the body and an obsession of the mind that cannot just be willed away no matter how hard someone tries. This may last for the short-term, but statistically speaking this is just putting a Band-aid on much bigger problem.

Looking at the most important things that we need to work on is the resolution that will help us the most. If we are worried about losing weight even though we cannot stay sober, we must look at our logic and tackle first things first. Keeping a simple outlook on life will help us to take it easy instead of worrying about the things we cannot change

Recovery is the solution on a day to day basis instead of uncompromising and realistic stipulations that will fail us. Looking into what makes our addiction tick like a time bomb is crucial. We only have one life to live and it was meant to live on the premise of doing the best we can with what we have been given.


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