Best ways to Cope with Your Addiction

If you got sober, you should be really proud of yourself because although recovery is a rewarding process, it can take on a toll on you at times. A great perspective to have during these instances is to remember that nothing is so bad that a relapse won’t make worse. When you get sober, your feelings are raw emotions that are often uncomfortable to deal with. Your best option is find some coping skills to turn to whenever triggers, cravings, self-pity, or frustration takes place to lead you out of the woods and into recovery.

Go to a meeting

Whatever your mindset is when you get to a meeting, generally you will leave better than when you arrived. People that suffer with addiction can usually win the full confidence of someone else that also suffers with addiction in minutes by being able to pertain to each other with their stories. There is a ton of experience, strength, and hope that you will gain to change into having an attitude of gratitude.

Call someone

Sometimes it is hard to articulate what is really going on in that head of yours. The craziness that takes place up there from time to time needs a way to be released. If you tell someone that you trust what you are going through, they can help you work through the issues you are facing. They may also be able to give you better insight into what you are feeling and help you get find a better solution.

Be of service

Getting out of yourself and doing something for someone else will usually work to change your viewpoint. By changing from selfish to selfless, you will be pleasantly surprised how well this works to not only be of service, but to make you feel grateful during this course of action.

Get still

By doing some sort of meditative practice, you can really learn how to connect to your soul. Guided meditation, mindfulness, or yoga are just some of the ways that you can try to meditate. To be still means that you are trying to reset your outlook on life to something more serene and peaceful

There are lots of different coping skills that can be used to stay sober. Finding the ones that work for you may be the difference between your relapse and your recovery.


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