6 Tips to Make Easter Fun in Sobriety

6 Tips to Make Easter Fun in Sobriety

Easter Sunday is approaching, and regardless of your religious beliefs or lack thereof, Easter and spring in general are all about rebirth. You may still find significance in Easter if you don't originate from (or no longer identify with) a religious tradition that celebrates the occasion. 

Easter, like the rest of the year, is a time to rejoice in fresh beginnings. What was once dead and buried has been resurrected and altered. Flowers are in full bloom. The weather is becoming warmer. The days become brighter. Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction or mental illness is a rebirth in and of itself. You've gone through a difficult and magnificent change. 

How frequently do we recognize and appreciate such marvels in our lives? So take some time during what the world calls Holy week to reflect on your recovery and be grateful.

Have an Easter Egg Hunt

You probably think that Easter egg hunts are for little kids, but they do not have to be! Throwing an Easter egg hunt for all ages may be the fun. Keep it simple after all - the joys of childhood are just as powerful as an adult if we allow the space. 

Having age appropriate prizes for the eggs can get your creative juices flowing. Doing something nice for others even. Get candy and prizes and fill up some plastic colored eggs. Do not skimp on everyone’s favorite eggs—the money eggs! Coins seem like they have gone out of style bring them back inside an egg. Even one nickel or a few pennies.

Brunch Without the Wild Side

Brunch does not have to be all about the endless mimosas. Instead, go and enjoy the food. Easter is one of the few holidays of the year that chefs will go all out for their brunch buffets. Since eggs are the theme for Easter, go to the omelet station and customize your eggs. Add as little or as much as you want, including the cheese. Omelets are notoriously known for making people happy on special occasions. Plus, eggs are an incredible source of protein and quite satiating.

Color Easter Eggs 

COVID and the war in Ukraine has affected the supply chain. But, you can find a variety of egg coloring kits even at the dollar stores. Tie dye eggs, bedazzled eggs, themed eggs, you name it. There is probably a kit just for you out there. Have an egg dyeing party with a couple friends and then have a contest to see who has the best decorated eggs. You can also eat the hard-boiled eggs after or devil the eggs. 

Make Easter Baskets

Whether it is for a niece or nephew, your own kids, or a significant other, going to the store to find toys and treasure. Showing the colors of your personality looks like simple gestures for yourself and others. Buy some grass and a basket and go to town. Making homemade treats for the basket takes things to another level. A small basket with a few homemade cookies shaped as eggs is extremely thoughtful and kind.

Get a Picture with the Easter Bunny

The mall typically accommodates the Easter Bunny in the springtime. Go commemorate what Spring or Holy Week means to you by getting your picture taken with that cute bunny. You can make a funny face or just snuggle up to his soft fur. If you are lucky, there might even be some jelly beans for you from the Easter bunny.

Remember that even local pet stores have real bunnies if you need to get out and do something unusual. You might surprise your family when you send them a selfie of you and the real bunny rabbit you met at the pet store!

On Minute 21

You will be able to enjoy the holiday. Rather than getting caught up in family squabbles, you may be a source of joy for everyone. Rather than drinking your way through lunch and dinner, you may help the people who are around you. Interact with the kids, assist with the dishes, entertain the elderly, and learn to feel at ease in your own skin. You didn't work this hard to recover from addiction or mental illness to be alone or to dwell on your past. You get to be part of life again, and it's a good time to do it because spring symbolizes new beginnings.

As you stay on this path to health, you will look back on your day and remember things with joy and feel anticipation and hope. This year might be radically different. But one promise: you can’t predict something you have not experienced yet. Take 30 seconds or a minute to imagine what you want this Easter Holiday, this Holy Week, this Spring (post COVID lock downs) to look like and live in that picture this week.

Your recovery is a nest egg ready to hatch, and the results will be mundane, rewarding, hard, fun and everything in between. To live in what you want take a 20 minute pause after reading this, then draw it, write about it or, pray towards that end before you take your first step. On minute 21 take the first step into a Holiday week. We tend to overthink things. No need. Just one small step towards the fun of living life on life’s terms. Your first step might be as simple as boiling eggs or writing a grocery list for that cookie recipe.

If You Need An Ear

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